Life’s Operating Manual: with the Fear and Truth Dialogues

Modern society is replete with electronics—iPads, computers, cell phones, cars, and so on—and all of these come with one important accessory: a manual that teaches you how to use and care for your device. In Life’s Operating Manual, Tom Shadyac answers a simple yet provocative question: is it possible that life comes with a similar set of guidelines?

Once reserved for exploration by poets, prophets, and philosophers, Shadyac, the man behind such comic hits as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, brings a new voice to the mix. Inviting us into a conversation that is both challenging and empowering, he looks at the workings of nature and the ideals of the longest lasting civilization on earth in a series of essays and dialogues between the voices of truth and fear. And through this examination, he opens our eyes to one underlying principle that should guide the human race: love. This single principle is, in essence, our operating manual . . . and its instructions are very simple.

The question he then sets out to answer is, do we have the courage to live in accordance with this precept—to step away from how society currently works and the ills we experience because of it? Do we have the fortitude to change and cast aside the ideas that have led to war, poverty, genocide, and environmental destruction?

With Shadyac’s inspiring vision of what the world can be and his straightforward advice on how to move toward it, your answer to these questions will be a resounding yes.



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