Are Married Women More Faithful Than Men? Shocking Truth Revealed!

Are Married Women More Faithful Than Men? Shocking Truth Revealed!

Discover the shocking truth about married women and infidelity. Find out why women cheat, why they seek casual sex, and why online affair dating sites are popular. Don't miss out!

Are Married Women More Faithful Than Men? Shocking Truth Revealed! It might surprise you to learn that women are just as unfaithful as men when it comes to having an affair. Marriage trouble is a common theme in any marriage, and it is both parties that always suffer. We tend to presume that because men want more sex than women that they are a lot more likely to have an affair by finding casual sex or by finding a married women on an online affair dating site. Well it turns out that women cheat just as much as men, and for similar reasons as men. We will take a look at some of these reasons that reveal why women cheat, why married women love casual sex, and why online affair dating sites are extremely popular for married women who are experiencing marriage trouble. It's clear that humans do not like to be tied down for a long time. The future looks bright for online affair dating sites as people learn to avoid marriage altogether. That is of course only one option, but the new information about why women cheat seems to point in that direction. Let's take a look at some of this evidence to see why women cheat just as much as men.

Why Women Cheat

Women cheat for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is that they are going through marriage trouble. Marriage trouble comes in a number of different forms, but always leads to a deep emotional and psychological separation between husband and wife. They no longer see eye to eye, and that comes out in arguments, never making time for each other, and generally just sharing the rent or the mortgage without feeling inspired. Usually there is a couple of events that lead to marriage trouble being a problem. Maybe the wife thinks the husband never spends enough money or time on her - let alone calling her to see how her day is going. These little things build up over time and make it seem like they will never change, which they probably won't. For the husband, he might think that the wife never wants to do the things that he wants to do. So there is a problem in which neither person wants to compromise. That's the most common source of marital problems, and leads many women to seek a different person that can give her sexual satisfaction. It's true that married women on online affairs websites are often fed up with the marriage troubles and just want to have a bit of fun.

Married Women Want Casual Sex

One form of the marriage troubles that emerge is that she is not attracted to her husband anymore, so she naturally feels attracted to other men. These men can be found online, which is why having an affair with a married women is very common for single men. Not feeling sexually attracted to their husbands, married women can still enjoy the company of their husband and secretly have casual sex with anonymous men from online affair dating sites. The other marital issue may have to do with the fact that she still loves her husband, but her husband no longer shows affection for her. This emotional support is important to women, and men often don't know how to give it. If it is lacking, she will stop having sex with her husband too, and look elsewhere for physical and emotional support. What else is she to do but look elsewhere? You will notice that a lot of married women will not post images of their face online or in message boards. This is because they are embarrassed and don't want to alarm their husbands, who they still love very much. In either case, married women have a lot of reasons to go searching for casual sex. We often presume that married women are happy in a relationship that might not be sexually as exciting. New research has proven this presumption to be wrong, and if we look at the popularity of some of the best online affairs dating sites, it seems obvious. The last major reason why married women seek affairs is that they want to break up with their husbands, but they need to explore the options first so that they have a strong reason to do so. Some married women do want to use online affairs dating sites to find other men to date. These women will be more up front about how they are and what they are looking for, and will want to make a long-term commitment rather than just have casual sex. The options are out there just as long as you avoid the scam dating sites that seem to be everywhere.