Casual Sex: Unraveling the Power Dynamics and Gaining Control

Power Check: Who Rules When It Comes to Casual Sex!

Discover why women hold all the power in casual sex and how you can regain control. Explore the impact of societal standards and evolution on the power balance. Learn tips to flip the switch in your favor.

Casual Sex: Unraveling the Power Dynamics and Gaining ControlCasual sex is something that almost every guy and (surprise) girl wants. Studies have demonstrated that women think about and want sex just as much as guys do. While these facts have been proven by studies, it still seems unlikely, considering how difficult it can be for guys to have casual sex with women. The reason this occurs is because the power balance of the dating world falls into the hands of women. In this article, we highlight why there is this unfair power balance between men and women, as well as suggest some tips on how you are able to flip the switch to be on your side.

Why Women Have All The Power

There are many reasons why women have all the power when it comes to casual sex. For the most part, women control the power balance because they are the choosers of who they will have sex with and who they will not. Another way of understanding this is by looking at sex as a commodity on the market place. When using this analogy, women are the sellers of an extremely rare and valuable product, while men are the numerous and ever wanting buyers. While true, this perspective can oversimplify things because there are also many different elements, including evolution and societal standards that contribute to this power balance.

Evolution and Sex

The very first and most obvious reason that women hold most of the power when it comes to casual sex is the result of evolution. Women are the child bearers of the human race, and thus hold much more risk when engaging in sexual activities. Not only do women have to bear children, but there is risk involved with childbirth that could result in death. Women that have sex with multiple partners do not increase their opportunity for having more children. However, for men this is the opposite. They have no risk or worries about pregnancy, and they can increase their chances for offspring by increasing their amount of sexual partners.

The Power Balance Is Impacted By Societal Standards

In many of today's societies, it is traditional for men to court women. This leads to men having to actively pursue many women in the hopes of attracting just one. This is why women feel as if they are able to be the ones who chooses which partner they want. While this is just a conception of societal standards, it has become so integrated in the way male and females interact that it has become true. Since the power balance is off, the average beautiful woman could essentially have sex whenever she wants. As men are pursuing multiple women, each women is in turn pursued by multiple men, which gives her the choice when she wants it. When a man does end up having sex with a woman, it is because she decided to let it happen. One way that this is highlighted is through the massive industry of dating scams. Quoted at more than 100 million dollars last year alone, this industry has taken advantage of men looking to meet women for casual sex. These scams work because they trick men into believing that women are actively pursuing them and that the men will somehow be in control of when they get to have sex. While this idea is constantly being advertised by dating scams, the reality is something quite different.

Get More Power and Stay in Control

While the evolution of sexual psychology may seem like something that is unchangeable, humans have been doing a very good job of reversing some of our intrinsic and primal desires. Science has brought us one of the greatest inventions ever. Birth control has little by little let the evolutionary grip over female sexual psychology to loosen. With the addition of certain aspects of feminism, women have become even more in control of their casual sex practices and pursuit of pleasure. It may be more simply said than done, but if you want to gain back the power from women and stop dreaming about fake date scams, then you need to reverse some of the ideas that society has constructed for you. Not only do you need to demonstrate, as you may have done in the past, that you are desirable, but you must also let women know that you do not need them for sex alone. If men stop asking for their validation and acceptance, then men can break free from the idea that they women are the ones who are choosing to have sex when they want it.