Why Infidelity Is On The Rise - Especially Among Women

Why Infidelity Is On The Rise - Especially Among Women

Discover the reasons behind the increasing trend of infidelity among women. Explore the impact of online dating, changing gender roles, and the influence of pornography.

Why Infidelity Is On The Rise - Especially Among Women Cheating on your sexual partner has always been a contested issue between couples and married people. It has been happening for a long time, and it will likely continue to happen long into the future. However, cheating has always been seen as more of a male activity. In fact, it has always been seen as almost expected of most men, and rarely accepted if it is discovered that it is a woman who is cheating on her sexual partner. This being said, some recent research has revealed that infidelity is actually on the rise, particularly among women and younger couples. More and more women are looking outside of their relationships for casual sex, and they are using all manners of sexting and dating online to achieve it. It may be that people are being tempted by fling site reviews or other dating websites that promise easy and secret sex, but regardless of the exact reason, it has been proven to be on the rise. Although the exact cause of a rise in adultery cannot be pinpointed, there are some theories that shed light on this phenomenon. This article was written as a consideration to some of these theories.

The Proliferance of Dating Online

Many of the theories that attempt to explain the rise of infidelity point towards the growing use of dating websites and mobile apps. Cell phones and computers make it much easier for people to initiate intimate relationships with other people outside of their relationship without raising suspicion. It has never been easier to discreetly start sexting someone, even you if you are in the room with another person. There is also a huge amount of dating websites that are geared towards cheating on your sexual partner, which can be a huge temptation for many people. Websites like Fling site reviews demonstrate just how easy it can be to find casual sex and start dating online. This can draw a lot of people into believing the idea that it is not difficult to find someone for casual sex outside of your relationship, which in reality is true - perhaps you need to have a killer casual dating profile. This ease of use is probably one of the main driving factors that is pushing up the rate of infidelity.

Changing Gender Roles Makes Casual Sex For Women Easier

As our perspective on gender roles modernizes, it is making it easier and easier for women to start cheating on their sexual partner. In the past, women were much more confined in their freedom of mobility as the spent a great deal of their time in the home, or burdened by the constant weight of child care. However, more women are in the workplace than ever, and this means that they have much more time to do as they please. Without being so restricted in their movement, they are capable of pursuing things such as a casual sex relationship outside of their established relationship. The perception that it is bad for women to cheat is also diminishing. While a male who cheats has been traditionally viewed as a player, a woman who cheats was usually downcast and perceived as a slut. However, this dynamic has been changing and it is becoming more accepted that women should have the freedom of their choice, and that their standing in our society is equivalent to that of men. This means that as the social pressure lifts on women, they are more likely to make the choices that they desire, which in some cases means cheating on their sexual partner.

Pornography Influences Our Minds About Casual Sex

Another theory on the rise of infidelity claims that because of the ease and availability of pornography in our modern society, people's perceptions about casual sex have been influenced by that type of content. Never has it been so easy to find pornography, and never has it been available in such an abundance. Anyone with a cell phone can literally access pornography from almost anywhere in the world, which means that we are becoming much more sexualized as a society. Most of the time, the content of pornography is slightly unrealistic when it comes to real human relationships. However, as we become more avid consumers of the medium, people begin to internalize the messages that it displays. This means that more people think that pornographic situations can be real situations, and more people are acting this out to make it a reality. It would probably be interesting to do a study to see if pizza delivery boys and policemen are getting more laid as well.